Bob Marley owned about 10 custom-made guitars throughout his life. One of these was the Wing Hawk series Washburn solid body with 22 frets and a double cutaway electric guitar. Its design has mixed characteristics of the Washburn Falcon.

Before the reggae superstar passed away, he gave this guitar to his Canadian friend, whom he affectionately calls Gary Guitar, at his concert backstage with The Wailers on November 21, 1979 in Vancouver, Canada.

Many years later, in 1996, Gary Guitar began to realize the value of the guitar after a tragic incident where two of his guitars went missing. He was offered millions of dollars for a guitar and refused to accept the money. Instead, he wanted to do something more with the guitar, where he knew Bob was looking at him with a smile. The maximum he was offered for a guitar was $6.5 million from Jamaican-born billionaire Michael Lee Chin. Mr. Lee Chin also bought the world’s largest collection of Bob Marley memorabilia from Roger Steffens, owner of the world’s largest collection of Bob Marley. This guitar has been named by Sothebys New York, Hard Rock Cafe and other professional memorabilia experts as one of the most expensive guitars in the world, if not the most expensive in the world, and one of the rarest guitars thanks to two facts:

1. This guitar is one of Bob’s personal guitars.

2. None of his other personal guitars will be made available to the public.

Thus, this makes this Bob Marley guitar the only one available in the entire universe. No wonder, the Jamaican government has listed this guitar as a NATIONAL TREASURE!